About Us

about ramukaka

Ramukaka, inspired by the ever-significant reference in Indian household context, is the one stop solution for all your daily needs. Be it the most miniscule or the most daunting Household Service, we serve you with the best quality, highly reliable and recommended Independent Professionals and Enterprise Service Providers.

With Ramukaka on your fingertips, all your domiciliary needs will be taken care of! The software offers an extremely quick, easy and customised search option for your requirements. It also provides a real time attendance of all service providers around you, ensuring that there is someone to address your needs, always.

With a seamless, less than 60-second booking initiation process and real time attendance module (which ensures readiness to offer service instantly), Ramukaka is the easiest and most convenient way to identify the best service providers, close to you.

At Ramukaka, we set high goals and make sure we achieve them. So, sit back and relax and let Ramukaka be at your service- anytime, anywhere!

Why Ramukaka ?


  • Get served by Service Provider's recommended by like-minded people
  • Business model offers Real Time attendance & Quick response for your service requirements, from our service providers
  • Benefit from the competition among service providers and win the most competitive pricing
  • Rigorous rating system for service providers ensures survival of only the best service providers.
  • Array of service providers ready to serve you anywhere, anytime.

Service Providers

  • On Ramukaka, you can choose your own working radius and we will ensure that you receive leads only from there. Our fully automated system allows you to login or log off as per your convenience.
  • Control your Budget - You decide the number of leads you need per day and control your budget.
  • Pay as you Go - Managing finances will no more be a hassle! On Ramukaka, you need not pay monthly i.e. you only pay when you receive a lead.
  • Choose from an array of online payment gateways and explore the world of online transactions like never before! Choose from our online payment system or hundreds of recharge centre’s near to you
Ramukaka Service Provider Statistics Report

Approximately 40% of the Service Providers quote unreasonable pricing.

Approximately 30% of the Service Providers are amateurs, and not Professionally trained

Approximately 20% of the Service Providers are affordable and professionally trained, but are always engaged with other commitments

Only 10% of the Service Providers are affordable, professionally trained, and available to engage in work immediately. Ramukaka’ s Business Model precisely focuses on this section and ensures that you are served only from the best.